Undergraduate Chemistry Labs

The Department of Chemistry’s undergraduate labs within the Chevron Science Center provide the research space and quality education to enable students to go on to positions in industry, professional schools, and graduate chemistry programs at top institutions.

The labs provide combined recitation/lab areas where lab benches occupy peripheral wall space and a flexible arrangement of tables and seating is located in the center of each room. This central core is separated from lab experiments by glass partitions, providing a safety barrier and excellent sightlines between students and lab instructors.

Lab workspace includes open, analytical labs as well as air-capture units for synthetic and reactive chemistry activities. Each student lab station is equipped with a laptop PC interfaced with temperature, pH, conductivity, and visible absorption spectrometers (Vernier electronic probes). As newer technologies become available, the labs will include electronic notebooks offering video clips, pre-lab material, and, ultimately, the ability to submit lab reports electronically.

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