Clapp, Langley, and Crawford Halls

The Clapp/Langley/Crawford complex comprises three interconnected buildings and the Life Science Annex. Together, they house Pitt’s Departments of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience. 

Clapp Hall, named for aluminum executive George Hubbard Clapp, is a six-story structure that is the primary home of the biological sciences department.

Langley Hall also houses biological sciences facilities, as well as the 77,000-volume Langley Library, which is the biology, neuroscience, psychology, and life sciences unit of Pitt’s University Library System. The building was named after Samuel P. Langley, a 19th-century Pitt astronomy professor who pioneered heavier-than-air flight and later served as a Smithsonian Institution Secretary. His Aerodrome No. 6, one of only two surviving Langley aircraft, hangs from the ceiling of Wesley W. Posvar Hall.

Crawford, dedicated in 1969 and the last of the three buildings to be constructed, is home to the neuroscience department. It was named after Stanton C. Crawford, Pitt’s 13th chancellor.

The Life Science Annex, an expansion of the complex that includes labs and neuroscience research programs among other facilities, opened in October 2007. 


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